Ongoing Activities

Public Service started

The society has hired two buildings at Bhrikutimandap complex. From the new building (2065 Mangsir 1), the reading facility, book lending services, e-library and newspaper reading facilities are being provided to general public. A children section and information desk for women is being arranged in the old block (2062 Asar 25). Books received from British Council are organized in the new building and are available for loan service. E-library is being set up with the help of Nepal Library Foundation.

The library is open for the public from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5 PM. The library will remain closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Library Membership

Library membership is open to all interested public. As of September 2010, more than 500 persons have taken membership of this library. Mostly they are students of +2 and above, lawyers, journalist, teachers and researchers.

Book Collection

The campaign for book donation becomes very much popular among the public. People from all walks of the society took interest in the library and donating books, booklets and education materials. So far, there are more than 50 thousands books, reports, bulletins and teaching materials received in the library.

Out of these collected books and teaching materials, nearly 30,000 books were accessioned, catalogued and shelved in the library.

Library users

From the very beginning of its service open to the public, the library becomes popular among the valley people. One of the advantage of this library is it's centrally located and near to Old Bus Park (Ratnapark) and academic areas. People from Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are also using this library. More than 150 children, students, teachers, researchers are regularly utilizing the library services.

It is noteworthy to mention that mostly children come to the library on each Saturday and spent whole day. Mostly library users are students from school and college (+2 and BA students). Others category of readers are teachers, researchers, service holders, business people, job seekers, journalists, social workers.

Library visit:

The library is fortunate to welcome political leaders, diplomats, constitutional heads and top bureaucrats, scholars and leaders of the civil society. Some prominent personalities who visited the library were: Present Prime Minister and senior leader of NCP (UML) Mr. Madhab Kumar Nepal, Ex Prime Minister Mr. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, and Ex Prime Minister Mr. Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

Support from the government

The Society has been able to receive the regular support from the government for its operating cost.

Establishment of Endowment Fund

Besides the operating cost or running cost, the Society need donors help for constructing library's own building and to conduct other activities that need substantial financial involvement. As per the decision of the working committee dated 14th March 2006, an Endowment Fund has been established to render regularity to the work of library. Accordingly, a bank account was open with Nepal Investment Bank, Durbarmarg.

Information Sharing Forum

This library has been able to gain public confidence. Number of community library workers from within and outside Kathmandu valley does visit this library and share common issues for the development of public library system in the country. As per their suggestions, this library is being used by the community library workers to share their information (Bulletins, books, news) and acting as an Information Sharing Forum.

The library has been conducting regularly discussion forum on different issues related to its users (disables, old age people, students, teachers/researchers) and current social issues.


The library has been maintaining good relationship with different government, municipalities, business houses, industrialists, international organizations and non-government organizations.