Public libraries are in service for more than six decades in Nepal. There are many public/community libraries registered in Nepal. Moreover, those which are functional are either poorly equipped or do not have the resources or the means to cater to the needs of a modern society. Following the definition of UNESCO/IFLA, public libraries are not yet established in Kathmandu. The need for a public library service that not only is well organized and equipped but also is tailored to meet the needs of the Nepali people in the 21st century was discussed among the academicians, educationist, diplomats, politicians, lawyers, industrialists and journalists in June 2003. The meeting decided to form a committee for the establishment of a modern library in Kathmandu. The committee formed the Society for Kathmandu Valley Public Library. This Society was registered with the government on 25 September 2003.

The idea for a central public library seems to be gaining unanimous public acceptance. The Society started the public library in a limited way both in respect of housing the readership and providing public services at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu from 9 July 2005. The Society is overwhelmed by the ever-increasing public response in its favor. People of every walk have expressed their appreciation and support for the initiatives. Within a very short period of time distinguished personalities such as former prime ministers of Nepal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, senior leaders of various political parties, former ambassadors and academics have visited the library and donated their collections. We are also encouraged by the support we have been receiving from the diplomatic community.